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Photo of Dave Gipson
My Shack
I saw something regarding show your shack so here is mine. Nothing fancy but it works for me.
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Just Once
Just once I would like to turn on the 6600M and have everything working as it did the day before.  Today I can not get JTDX to receive.  ...
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Photo of Tom W3FRG
Start up 6600M
I have seen this fault occur a few times on start up and thought I'd ask if anyone else has experienced it before I report it as a fault....
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Photo of Robert Lonn
Why did I go with FLEX????
Back in 2017 we were shown a lot of new radios to be hitting the market place in late or early 2017/18. Some were European radios and som...
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Photo of Steve G1XOW
What is this?
I've noticed a sudden jump in noise level on 15m over the last few days. So, I started to investigate and it looks like it may be interna...
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Photo of N1DZ
Flex 6600 crash
I have a Flex 6600. Overall I like the radio but every couple of months or so the radio crashes and I have to do a hard reset and reload ...
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