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Flex 6400 Dead
While operating the power output dropped from 100 W to about 30 W, then the Maestro lost communications with the radio.  The radio had a ...
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Swr plotting Graph
What about adding a SWR plotting program built in with antenna analyzers across the entire spectrum, on all bands with memory presets rig...
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N1MM Logger update crashes
Installed N1MM data logger was trying to configure it to use with a remote 6400 to display. Message popped up there was anew version so I...
  • Steve Blankinship AG4SO, 10 months ago

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Flex Meter App Quesiton
Flex Meter V 1.2  worked a couple of Smart SDR Versions back it stopped with the update to 2.3.9. I am now at 2.4.9 and have tried the 1....
  • Steve Blankinship AG4SO, 12 months ago

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