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No fuss QSK ...
Silent QSK ... a dream come true. I remember buying the Alpha 89 years ago and being somewhat dubious as to the pin-diode switching schem...
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FlexLogger - Rename
Hi All, When I started on FlexLogger I figured I'd have 2 or 3 people interested it in.  I chose the name "FlexLogger" because it made s...
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QRO, here we go!
After waiting 23-1/2 months, my Power Genius was finally delivered by UPS this afternoon. Setup was almost trivial with my 6600 and would...
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Restrung the loop
I took today off as the weather has been really nice and decided to do some winter maintenance on my loop. I purchased new 12ga flex wea...
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Microsoft DaaS
Here's a ComputerWorld article about Microsoft migrating Windows 10 users over to a Desktop-as-a-Service model:https://www.computerworld....
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