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Android App
I started working on a Android App to go alongside my CMD micro.  I wanted a few additional feature at hands reach without having to use ...
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6400 support
I guess Hamvention is more important than getting our broken radios fixed. Seems like they've taken the week off for a convention. not th...
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That was easy! Ran my 6400M thru her paces and NO problems found after the upgrade good work folks. Can't wait to see what else you pull ...
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Two flex control knobs?
Is it possible to have two flex control knobs on a 6x00 to control A/B slice receivers? (or n + the number of receivers the radio supports?)
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Radio locks up when connecting from iOS
I can connect to my 6700 using smartlink from the iOS app (v2.3.0) fine, but if I connect over the regular LAN connection, I seem to get ...
  • Robbie - KI4TTZ, 2 years ago

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