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SSDR v1.4
Another week or less to the final free release of SSDR v1.4, but the community is very quiet... Will it be released on Friday?   And wha...
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remote power on for 6700
I will soon be setting up a wireless remote green heron device and one of the relays will be setup to ground the remote on RCA connector...
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API Available
The APIs are available and so it the presentation video at  an...
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Photo of Alan W4FBI
I am trying to learn the acronyms associated with Smart Software Defined Radio (SSDR). I can't seem to find out certain acronyms like CWX...
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flex 1500 - usb3
I found that switching to a USB3 port, or add-on card, the waterfall display is  visually much improved.
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Remote operation
I for one have carried on remote operation for the last three years. I have used the VAC and my WN1 watt meter system to give me remote c...
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