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GPS Not Locking
Flex 6700 on 1.4.3 - At power down rig used to go dark, now LED stay orange.  On power up, goes from green to solid orange.  Radio setup ...
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Introducing Maestro!
Introducing Maestro - an intuitive, plug-and-play control console that directs operation of any FLEX-6000 Signature Series transceiver wi...
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Flex 1500 and CW Skimmer
Recently bought a Flex 1500 and love it. Running a very fast i7 computer with 16GB RAM and Windows 7 Professional. Using Virtual Audio ...
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I wonder if adverts and for sale messages could be kept off this forum? If somebody does think they have a place, maybe it would be best ...
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SSDR v1.4
Another week or less to the final free release of SSDR v1.4, but the community is very quiet... Will it be released on Friday?   And wha...
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remote power on for 6700
I will soon be setting up a wireless remote green heron device and one of the relays will be setup to ground the remote on RCA connector...
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