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RCA TX1 Won't persist
On startup, the remote 6300 has RCA TX1 disabled.  I enable it.  If I change bands I have to enable the TX1 line each time and if I go ba...
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s meter plus
Will someone please share a copy of the software for the S Meter V1.6? I had V1.0 and it was lost when changing computers. Thanks in adva...
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swr mismatch
An odd one....Flex 6400 that shows good SWR on all bands, and near enough matches the readings from my in-line Daiwa DN-801, except on 30...
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rtty low tones
trying to set for rtty low tones, I figured out how to change the default mark freq, receive is fine, but nothing going out on transmit. ...
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Good morning to everybody.Comment that at my request, Antonio, the creator of RADIOGES, has connected the program's cluster with the flex...
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