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Status / info panel
Recently in another thread Ken NM9P suggested an information panel to show the basic performance status of the F6k hardware. The idea in...
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Noise Filters Not Effective
I'm using a 6300 with SSDR v. I hear no real noise reduction using either the NB or NR features. Is it me or are these still not...
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10 Minute Timer for ID Reminder
Just thought it would be nice to have a countdown timer that we could attach our own sound bite to, with a visual indicator to remind us ...
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6500 Fan Nosie
My 4 month old 6500 has started to make excessive fan noise.  It sounds like a possible bearing starting to go. It's best described as a ...
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Signature Noise Filters
Is it possible to define Specific Noise Blanker Profiles as a subset of NB or WNB depending on the type of noise? I recognize there are l...
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