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Time out timer
Does the 6600 have a time out timer for the transmit side? I recently lost my connection remotely right after pushing the tune button ...
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I've been having interference during the daytime hours, worst on 160 and 80, and visible but not terribly bad on 40. I've gone through th...
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Uk 60 band plan in Smartsdr ios
I have set IARU to region 01 for europe but the band plan does not cover the UK segments ,I can not transmit in the UK allocated frequenc...
  • Paul Menown, 5 months ago

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Photo of YV5WZ
Question to the audience
I'm just about to buy a new linear to change my one year old KPA500,  1st or 2nd week of February Bob has offered to me FA1.3K  without A...
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