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60 Meter problem
I upgraded to V2 and now am unable to transmit on 60 meters using DIGU.  Anyone else have this problem?  Frequency 5357.0.  Using WSJT-X....
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Mute all but active slice
I currently have SDR-Bridge installed, and the only feature for which I use it is to mute all but the active slice. This seems to be a re...
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Radio Lockups
I dont know if there is a link to this and the other lockups. I am running smartsdr v1.10.16.  I was using FRStack and i right clicked on...
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Question to the audience
I'm just about to buy a new linear to change my one year old KPA500,  1st or 2nd week of February Bob has offered to me FA1.3K  without A...
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