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Thinking about a 6700 but
The notch filter is described as a tracking filter that you manually place on a carrier.  Fine, but, I want one that will just hear the c...
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If I'm not interested in frquency measuring tests, is there any other good reason to buy the GPSDO option?
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SmartSDR CAT Issue (again)
I previously had an issue with SmartSDR CAT not talking to FLDigi.  How the scenario would go is, I'd bring up SmartSDR and when I activa...
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FT8 Support
Ria, I am asking for clarification on the statement below. What developer does not support HRD anymore? Just curious for clarification. B...
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60 Meter problem
I upgraded to V2 and now am unable to transmit on 60 meters using DIGU.  Anyone else have this problem?  Frequency 5357.0.  Using WSJT-X....
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