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Photo of Pat - WH6HI
New Flexradio web Page
New Flexradio Web Page has appeared which is very slick and professional.  Only thing I see that should be fixed is to put the link to th...
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Photo of Gene - K3GC
For the past week I have been getting sporadic noise on 17 and 20 meters (20 The worst).  It lasts anywhere from a few minutes to an hour...
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Photo of Tom S.
I received my 6400 (no knobs) about a month ago and things are working great and I am making contacts.  After using the radio I now under...
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Radio freezes
I have had it happen a number of timesnow. The audio starts to crackle andsoon the radio freezes. It is a 6700running 2.3.9. The led abov...
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Photo of Mark Erbaugh
Power Off Maestro
Is there any difference in shutting down the Maestro between briefly holding and releasing the power button and holding the power button ...
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