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cannot connect to wi fi with correct password
hi everyone just purchased a flex maestro second user to go with my 6300 ive been reading many post but i cant find a definate answer to ...
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Smart Link log on screen postage stamp size
The Smart Link log in window on my Maestro is the size of a large postage stamp and can not read much less type in it, the rest of the wi...
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Working remote SSB from a hotel
Working SSB contests with a Maestro over hotel WiFi presents some challenges.  Below is a link to a summary I wrote about my experience w...
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Cannot get SmartSDR to Connect over WAN
I have tried to get SmartSDR to connect remotely with little success. I have tried Maestro, iOS, and a Windows 10 PC - all in the latest ...
  • Ora Smith, 4 months ago

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Unable to connect Maestro to 6400 via SmartLink over Cox Cable
My Maestro will connect via Smartlink on an iPhone hotspot (Verizon) with poor quality, but will not connect with my 6400 over Cox Cable ...
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