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For Sale Flex 6700
I have a 6700 that I purchased 3 months ago directly from Flex.  I need to sell it, priced for quick sale..  $5200 shipped.  You can cont...
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desired features
I would like to see pre-adaptive distortion as I'm sure would others.  Also, a way to turn off the waterfall display on the M models.
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Low WIFI signal
My Maestro has low WIFI signal.  My router is a brand new Netgear 3200 and this was a problem with my old Apple router as well.  All my o...
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SmartSDR IP ports?
Does anyone know the ports that smartSDR interface communicates with the SDR are, in this case a 6300?  I'm referring to IP ports not com...
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SmartSDR v1.4 Update
As we approach the end of January, it is appropriate to provide the status of our upcoming SmartSDR v1.4 release.  We previously shared i...
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We love our Flex?
I don't know how many new Flex 6000 there are in use out there, but it seems very few owners are found here on the community. It seems to...
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