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Flexcontrol version2
    Flex Control version 2 with a jack for an external key/keyer that would smoothly interface with SmartSDR via USB or WiFi to key CW vi...
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Pre Distortion
After listening to the Anan's with pure signal, Flex can take all the time they want bringing it in. I don't like the audio on most of th...
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so I bought my flex 6500 on the 15th august 2014 from a uk supplyer with promise of regular updates over the next year,I will be lucky to...
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N1MM+ is available!
As described in my thread HOW-TO: Setup FLEX-6X00 with N1MM / CW Skimmer for multiple slice contest operating, I am a big fan of SSDR in ...
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Power out spike
I run at 16 to 20 watts out into a Alpha 8410. max drive as set in firmware by Alpha for my amp is 61 watts. I can set my power on radio ...
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A Thought: Eye Candy
     This is an idea that I am sure has been on the minds of most everyone who has ever played with the PSDR software to make changes to ...
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