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Dear all, is it possible in 1.1 (or corresponding updated SmartSDR CAT) to CW key the rig via SmartSDR CAT without any additional extern...
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Increase Zoom
When zooming inon a panadapter (less frequency spectrum visible), I would like to be able to zoom in 1 or 2 steps more . Currently, t...
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Digital Mode Headache
Using fldigi and DAX.....sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It worked in the beginning, Now, it mostly doesn't work. I have tried ...
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Two FLDigi instances
Does anyone know how to create two instances of FLDigi so that one uses SmartSDR.xml and DAX for the 6000 and the other uses PowerSDR...
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Beta 1.0.24 updates
I love all the updates to the beta 1.0.24 release. Averaging, RIT/XIT, DAX, more persistence....etc. However I do find that the beta...
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