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PGXL Tilt Bail?
Looking at Flex's Dayton dinner sign-up email I think I see the back view of a PGXL tilted up.  Does the amp have a tilt-bail? Thanks, ...
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Maestro not booting up
Performed a downgrade from 3 to 249 via maestro because of the monitor issues and now the maestro wont complete booting. screen gets as f...
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6300 Fan Replace
HiI want to replace the fan of the FPGA and the CPU. I see that the ones that have my 6300 are from the brand ADDA and model ap0512hx-j...
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SDR Ver 3
SDR Ver 3 so for those of us who don’t need two operators, how long before we will need buy the upgrade before we miss out on other new f...
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