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Tuner issue on 80m
I have a Flex 6500, which I am very happy with, but from the beginning I have had a tuner issue at about 3.6 Mhz.  The autotuner will sim...
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6500 and low output
I see a number of posts about low power output. I too can get 80w and no more out of the flex 6500. Before all the PS suggestions are pos...
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maestro panel mount
What are the specs on the screws for the panel mount. I have an outboard mod I want to do to the Maestro and need screws that would be ab...
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6500 power
The power meter on my 6500 shows a maximum of 85W. I checked with LS2K4 Wattmeter that is a little bit more accurate than a bird and tha ...
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Photo of Walt - KZ1F
I think, perhaps more so with the group of people that joined this community 3 to 4 years ago there was a, maybe unspoken, etiquette, of ...
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Photo of Lewis Cheek
maestro delivery
Anyone receive Maestro recently, and if so when was order placed? Received notice to pay invoice a week ago, nothing since from  FRS. J...
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QSK on 6700
From my post on the Yahoo Groups FlexRadioSmartSDR Group: What does it take to shut off QSK on the 6700?  I thought any delay setting o...
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