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60 meters tune-up
I noticed with version 3, tune-up on 60 metersis not working correct. With version 2.49, I set either the SmartSDR or Maestro to channel ...
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Version 3.x a no go
Hi, I bought and installed version 3.x. Now the radio doesn't work at all. It tells me a license is required and even when I click on ...
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V3 issue
One thing I noticed with V3 is if I am on Maestro on 40 m LSb and I connect via PC and do ft8 with my FT8 profile when I exit FT 8 t my m...
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When setting up WSJT-X 2.0, I Can only get it to do FT8 with the radio set to HRD and a slice A ip of Setting the radio t...
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