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I have created plenty of profiles for easy to use my F6700, but i have a several problems with profiles in general (may be it some how cr...
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2014 CQWW CW Contest -- N1MD
I operated the contest this weekend as a single operator, assisted, all bands except 160 meters. Search and Pounce only. 17 hours of op...
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Expert 2K-FA amplifier with Flex-6700?
I am very close to ordering this amplifier to use with my Flex-6000 radios. I am presently using an Elecraft KPA500 with the KAT tuner. I...
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FSK added to modes
Please indicate your interest in having FSK added to the mode list. FSK was an advertised mode and the keying inputs are available on th...
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digital mode settings
With the DAX tx option in 1.1 we can now work normal split in RTTY.  Thanks Flex!!! How about when DIGL or DIGU is selected that they ea...
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