Photo of Steve - K6SRS
No power out on a new Flex Refurbed 6500.
No power out on a new Flex Refurbed 6500. Just purchased and received from Flex, so it has the latest software and Flex's guarantee. Re...
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All we hear or see are the "M" models. Are they making any non M models yet? I'd like to have my 6400 soon
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Many Options... Whats your Opinion?
I learned  yesterday of the KE9NS PowerSDR software upgrades. I am impressed with what I see. Unfortunately I sold my 5000a in October to...
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Great email :)
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Flex 6400/6600 Documentation Question
Hello, Sort-of new to Flex Radio with a question.  About a year ago I decided to sell off most of my HF Transceiver Gear including an FT...
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