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Now that a roadmap of sorts has been published for some hardware, viz Maestro; could it be published again for the software, viz SSDR?
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Maestro architecture diagram availability
Tim -  Can you post a Maestro architecture diagram? The Signature Series datasheets have architecture diagrams, and I'm curious how the ...
  • Mike - N8MSA, 4 years ago

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VAC Alternative
My Flex-6700 was in the shop recently for a "Product Enhancement" (Thanks for the quick turnaround, Flex!) and in the interim I used my b...
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Transmited signal corruption
Issue: The quality of the transmitted signal, using any mode, declines over a period of time - typically within about two...
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GEN returns!
I am surprised that there hasn't been any comments regarding the return of the GEN band button in SmartSDR v1.1.3.  Well, it is back.  Ro...
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