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Other GPS information selectable on status bar.
Make the GPS status on the status line of SSDR selectable data... Currently it is the Maidenhead Grid; perhaps make it a drop down sele...
  • WA6FXT Mike, 6 years ago

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Low power on 10 mtrs
Operating on 10 mtrs, for the first time, I noticed that maximum power is only about 70 watts. I verified the output on my Daiwa meter an...
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CW sidetone level adjustment
Need some way to adjust the CW sidetone level independantly from the signal audio levels. The sidetone level should be constant, in my op...
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No audio on 6700 at startup
ver. 0.13.10 Sometimes SSDR starts up and there is no receive audio. If I click the speaker control (Upper right of main window) to mut...
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