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6600M CW Key Lockup
6600M running 2.4.9Precondition: CW mode with TX enabled, tune VFOScenario 1: 1. Press TX button to disable transmit2. Close telegraph ke...
  • Marty Ray, 2 years ago

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Question about VPN
I know nothing about VPNs. When I do a Google search I see that one sets up a VPN to hide their identity and web activity. But I have see...
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F-Key Macros
It would be beneficial if the 6400M/6600M function buttons were programmable using macros (like the K3). For example, this morning, I was...
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Audio popping in 2.3.7
After upgrading to 2.3.7 I have noticed loud "pops" when receiving CW and at the same time the SmartSDR display pauses. This is quite ran...
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