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Recovered FM Audio
What level of signal is needed to hear an FM signal on a Flex Signature Series radio? I am using a new 2 meter transverter with my 6600 a...
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3D FFT Display
Does anyone know if Flex has any plans to develop a 3D display akin to the new Yaesu FTdx-101d 3D display? It is mind blowing awesome how...
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windows 10 update & Dax
After the latest round of win 10 updates (1903) within the last week, I noticed that WSJTX was not working and looked thru some old posts...
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I've been having interference during the daytime hours, worst on 160 and 80, and visible but not terribly bad on 40. I've gone through th...
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Ukrainian Transverter
What is the proper Bias setting (RV2) for the Ukrainian 2 meter transverter?  I just  fixed the problem, but during repair, I adjusted th...
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