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CWX panel double quote
Hi all, In working on a CWX panel for FlexLogger I was experimenting with the different characters that can be sent via CWX. So far A-Z...
  • Mark - WS7M, 9 months ago

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Hello everyone
just received my 6400 this afternoon, made 20 meter contact 5 min out of box, now to figure all controls out. 73's hope everyone has a gr...
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QRO, here we go!
After waiting 23-1/2 months, my Power Genius was finally delivered by UPS this afternoon. Setup was almost trivial with my 6600 and would...
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I just tempted myself...
With one of our systems at work we are thinking of shipping a Dell 38" curved monitor, ultra high resolution. Well I decided for our Chr...
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Found spot
Hi all Could be very nice if on cluster panadapter the flex ads a found spot on the window where you can Delete the spot call. So u can...
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2.4.9 ANF
Improved/properly working ANF still nowhere to be found. Truly sad. So many basic things need work. Instead we get a multicolored S Met...
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