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USB PTT foot-switch
that something i have in my brain for some time  to build a USB PTT foot-switch i operate remote and already have USB studio mike and no...
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2 Meter RF Amplifier
I have recently become interested in 2 meter FT8 operation and would like to utilize the 2 meter capability of my Flex-6700. I am aware o...
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persistence whit WSJTX
i try to find if it a fault on my radio or a bog , so if some one may duplicate it  do the same for 3.0.19 and 2.4.9whit WSJT-X  go on 6M...
  • Marc Lalonde, 6 months ago

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FreeDV waveform updates
Who is the owner and maintaining the FreeDV waveform and is there a plan to provide updates? Steve posted a while ago that FlexRadio woul...
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