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Tuner Genius Speculation
With the exception of only some rough specs on the 4o3A website, there hasn't been much in the way of specific details on the Tuner Geniu...
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Flex 6400M Backup SD
It appears Flex6400 series radios boot from an SD card.  As we all know SD cards can fail.  Has anyone ever backed one of these up?  Does...
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swr on 6300 with amp
swr reading on 6300 2:1 feeding the input to the amplifier buy 1:1 on external swr meeter between flex and amp.  I am wondering why that ...
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Recording audio for CQWW contest
I'm running a Flex-6400 with SSDR 2.4.9 in the CQWW CW contest. The rules require a continuous audio recording of both RX and TX audio fo...
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PGXL Won't Connect
PGXL 1st use not showing up on PGXL Utility. On PGXL front Panel no Band Data showing. Running 6700 version 3.18 Smart Link running or lo...
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