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FlexVSP not loading
Flex 6300  Desktop Windows 8 Laptop Windows 7. FlexVSP not present.  I have been having problems with dax on a desktop computer while DAX...
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Flex 6000 Radios.
I was thinking of getting one of these  but after reading about all of the problems I think I will stick with my Flex 3000. I have never ...
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DAX broken?
Rig was working fine last night. Now cannot get auto on my PC. The RX display in DAX control panel looks correct, but all I can get from ...
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API Available
The APIs are available and so it the presentation video at  an...
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Video idea
What I would like is for someone to post a video going through the process of using the Waveform API. Installing the example of FreeDV w...
  • lyndy brannen, 5 years ago

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