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WWV Event Reminder
Just a reminder to all Flex users:Our WWV 100 year celebration event begins this Saturday at 00:00Z officially.For 5 straight days we wil...
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Global Profile Confusion
There are 1930 posts for Global Profiles so I'll just post a new one.  Not possible to search all of these.It appears to me that a Global...
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QSK in V3
In Flex 6400, QSK works for the same antenna only for version 2.49 (2.5 did not check), and starting from 3.019 only for different ones. ...
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Here we go again!
This is getting ridiculous!I sent my radio in to Flex for a frequency stability issue that was preventing FT8 decode. They got the radio ...
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CW Filters
In SmartSDR, why the jump from 800 Hz to 3.0K in cw mode filters? One would assume a jump to 1K an 1.5K would precede 3.0K.
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