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Sure wish I could find source. Shows up a couple times a day, for a hour or so, then is gone. Is about 4 mHz wide. Don't think it's in my...
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I getting sick & tired of waiting for the Maestro. I put my order in last June thinking a December 2015 delivery date would be acceptable...
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New ICOM 7300 SDR
Recently, the HPSDR user group has been buzzing on news of the new ICOM SDR, the IC-7300. I just added a comment that I thought the FLEXe...
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Photo of Lewis Cheek
Flex 6000 "M" series
Is it true reason for Maestro delay is a new series of Flex 6000 rigs will be the Dayton Flex surprise? I understand Flex has taken fron...
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Photo of Barry N1EU
No RF output in CW
All of a sudden I can't get any rf output in cw.  I hear the rx muting/unmuting with my keying, but no sidetone and no output indicated o...
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