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Receive Latency
I just made some measurements on cw receive latency and wanted to share them.  I used a simple methodology of recording the tx sidetone i...
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PanFall works REALLY well
I've been playing around with JT-65, today on 15M.  There are only a dozen stations I can see on WSJT but there are MORE I can see on the...
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FTDI USB cable to Yaesu BCD breakout box
An example to document a breakout box which yields Yaesu BCD to run ALS-600, ALS 1300, ALS 1306 amps and my modified RCS-4 MFJ antenna sw...
  • Lee, 3 years ago

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new n3zn key
This is a bit OT but wanted to share.  I just got a new single lever key to use with my Flex 6700 from Tony N3ZN.  the Mechanical quality...
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