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Flex 6400 vs 6600
Is it worth the price difference for a non contester Ham? Are these models at base the same? First of all I seriously consider going for ...
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6600M software crashes
My 6600M continues to crash.  2 flash red light and reboot.  Using v2.1.33.106.  I did a factory default reboot yesterday and while talki...
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Meinberg Time Error
New PC, clean install of Win 10 Pro (1709 / 1803) Meinberg installed, time checked using web site. On my other PC (Intel i5 NUC) ...
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Palstar LA-1K and ACOM 1200S
I am wondering if there are any Flex users using either of the two solid state amps I am considering and what they like/dislike about the...
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