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SmartSDR v.2.4.9 panadapter freezing & no audio w/ BARS appearing in waterfall
New 6600 with v.2.4.9 installed on Windows 7. (No remote employed). Right after logging onto SmartSDR, the panadapter freezes and audio i...
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Help needed with 6600M to SPE 1.5K-FA issue
I have very recently bought an SPE 1.5K-FA amplifier and I am having a problem with a loud "click" when the amplifier is on use on CW and...
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Heatsinks are falling off in 6400 and 6600 models.
As part of the Product Enhancement Notification (PEN) or Recall.  If you want to know where to look to see if both of your heatsinks are ...
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Used Maestro with problems
I have a used Maestro that I just bought via swapshop.  It appears to have a problem.  The first time I boot it, it booted FB.  H...
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