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Antenna setting forgotten, sometimes DAX too
I have started using ant 2 for the first time in a while under 1.5.1. It is only for 30 meters. What happens is, if I type in the frequ...
  • Larry Loen WO7R, 4 years ago

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Remote CW feature request
I've been playing around with running SSDR on a remote computer in my office.  I would like to be able to send CW from a paddle connected...
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band markers
Would it be simple to add an attenuation value for a TNF of ZERO attenuation?  This would allow us to place wide or narrow markers (As pe...
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JT65 setup
Hi, I have a new computer and a new 6300 – not that I wanted to get them, but it’s a long story. I am trying to get JT 65 up and runn...
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TNF vs RTTY question
When I create a TNF at the default width in the middle of the two RTTY tones, why does it seem to almost fully quieten the RTTY signal ev...
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Network Activity SDR 1.4
Have you ever wondered what goes on between your FlexRadio and PC ?  Bandwidth and port wise or how much bandwidth a full frame-rate wate...
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