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s meter plus
Will someone please share a copy of the software for the S Meter V1.6? I had V1.0 and it was lost when changing computers. Thanks in adva...
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Running 2 SPE amps on 6700
With my 6700 I run a SPE 1K-FA that has been modified for continuous frequency coverage (MARS) and a SPE 1.3K-FA that has the ability...
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SDR Ver 3
SDR Ver 3 so for those of us who don’t need two operators, how long before we will need buy the upgrade before we miss out on other new f...
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Adjusting sliders in DAX
Only had my 6400 a week and still learning, I have fl digi working, I was used to adjusting alc on 590 but wonder if I have too much or m...
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Unable to connect to radio
Hey all,I have a Flex-6400.  I've upgraded it to the latest software.   For about I believe the last three weeks, there was a network iss...
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