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no receiver audio
Hi, I wanted my 6300 mainly for digital modes. I got to wondering this afternoon what the audio sounded like, so I plugged in a set o...
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pixel loop on the roof
I installed my pixel loop on my house roof yesterday and I am very impressed with its ability to pull signals out of the noise on 17 and ...
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Smart SDR Freezes
Since installing SmartSDR 1.4.3 a few weeks ago, I had not observed any of the "freezes" that others have reported. I also realize that t...
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record playback
I have been recording and playing back under TX since I got my flex. Now for some reason its not working correctly. Either something I ha...
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15M QRM 1532Z
15M broadband interference at 4/20/2015 1532Z. This just popped up out of no where this morning.  Never seen/heard anything like this one...
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