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Reverse RF Warning
Just installed a ALE hardware transceiver running on a vertical, the 6500 is running on a longwire, both have SGC-235 tuners at the feed ...
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New ICOM 7300 SDR
Recently, the HPSDR user group has been buzzing on news of the new ICOM SDR, the IC-7300. I just added a comment that I thought the FLEXe...
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I have just bought a new IC7300, really just for curiosity.I am now selling an IC7300...There is no doubt it is very good value for money...
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Late to the party
Due to work schedule and rig upgrade, I have just recently joined the 1.6 party. Since I was w/o a 6k series rig for awhile, I decided to...
  • km9r.mike, 4 years ago

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