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Radio freezes
I have had it happen a number of timesnow. The audio starts to crackle andsoon the radio freezes. It is a 6700running 2.3.9. The led abov...
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This has been asked so many times, but.... WSJT decodes fine, passes CAT test, DAX is selected in mike profile, level is mid way, (WSJT v...
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SmartSDR v2.3.7 Now Available
FlexRadio Systems announces the immediate availability of SmartSDR v2.3.7 for the FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs.  SmartSDR v2.3.7 is a ...
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pay for squelch
Was told over 2 years ago at belton by flex guy squelch would be added soon, so now 2 years later 2.0 is next version and will COST me $2...
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error fpga fan speed
Is there a fix for this problem or do I have to send it in? I see others have had this problem. Don...w2xb running a flex 6500
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Wideband noise example
Here is a link to a Youtube video describing a wideband noise source at my QTH and how it interacts with various DSP controls on my 6500....
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