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Video anomoly
I have a strange video problem. The computer which controls the Flex-6500 feeds video to a PC connection on a 42" TV. That computer has a...
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Back Panel PTT
I can not key the radio from the PTT connector on the back panel of the 6700. Is this jack active all the time or does it have to be ena...
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SmartSDR CAT v1.1 Download
Queston: Is there a Separate FLEX Downloadable file for SmartSDR CAT Version 1.1? The SmartSDR CAT installed with SmartSDR for Windows ...
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"S" reading markers on right hand scale.
Hello everyone, When the engineering/software staff doesn't have anything else to do... Would it be possible to have markers along t...
  • Ken - NM9P, 6 years ago

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