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transmit problem in V.1.4.16
If others have reported this, I missed it.   I have had several instances where I opened a second panadapter, transmitted on the slice i...
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NAQP SSB 2015 results
After dealing with family business, I sat down to begin the contest three hours late and discovered that a Win10 update required a de-ins...
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Wiring up my modem into the db15 plug I noticed that pin 4 can be used for CW?? and FSK?? If so when . Or How ?? There presently ...
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"quick memories" for Smart SDR
SSDR has no "quick memory" or "Save and Restore" function.   It would be very handy to have a small panel of buttons, say 5-10, that I c...
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Antenna Evaluations
I know this is somewhat off topic, and I don't want to start a big debate, but some of you contesting and DX antenna experts might give m...
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