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Photo of Asher - K0AU
Single Point Ground
Probably the last one to figure this one out, but I installed a 1" copper bus bar and tied every piece of ham equipment to the bus bar th...
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Photo of Mike, K7QDX
SmartSDR login
I'm currently operating remotely. Everything was fine, then I got a message stating that my session has expired on my laptop. When I atte...
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Photo of WA2SQQ
transverter I'm thinking of ordering this tranverter. I'd like it to cover full 144-148 2M band. Vendor say...
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Photo of Ken - NM9P
Noise on CW RX with PTT - A solution
I have heard people complain off and on for years about noise on CW receive when PTT is activated, I have done some testing and this is w...
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Photo of Trevor-EI2GLB
60m no TX
HI All We just been given access to 60m here in EI I have file EU02 Loaded on my 6500 but I can not TX anywhere on the 60m band ??? Wh...
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