Photo of Ken   VE6KWA
Flex 6300 been in storage.
Hi, I've just taken my 6300 out of two years storage, after a move. Really looking forward to using it again and to the SSDR 2.0 upgrade....
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Photo of Mark - WS7M
80 meter zoo
Last night around mid-night I was using the K6TU iPad app to just scroll around and listen to various activities going on.  In addition I...
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Photo of WA2SQQ
default transmit profile
OK, it's time again for Bob to ask another dumb question. As seen in the attached photo, each time I boot up my 6500 the transmit profile...
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Photo of Lewis Cheek
hot switching
I noticed a few days ago I was hot switching my amp, however NOTHING has changed in my configuration, plus I use TX REQ Interlock so rig ...
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