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SmartSDR on Linux
I have been playing with this a bit and have a bit typed up if anyone is interested, I am not a programmer and no reverse engineering was...
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Android App
I started working on a Android App to go alongside my CMD micro.  I wanted a few additional feature at hands reach without having to use ...
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After installing v.1.9.7 I noticed that VOX operation became erratic.  v1.9.9 was installed and the issue continues.  I have successfully...
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Flex Meter V1.2
In anticipation of upcoming changes in the Flex Radio API, I have updated the Flex Meter program that I wrote a few years ago. This is a...
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VOX Issues
The VOX sensitivity seems to vary while transmitting. I begin to speak and the mic keys, but sometimes the 6300 will go back into receive...
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Additional VOX control button
This may have been discussed before but my searches did not turn up anything. Is it possible to add another VOX button that's visible wh...
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