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Dax IQ via Smartlink
DAX IQ stream are not working for me on V2.4.9. I get the rest of the Dax process but not IQ to feed Skimmers.   IT that by design or am...
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receive audio to bassy
My receive audio on my 6400 has to much bass what can i do to improve the listening?. I am using a Heil pro set 4 plugged directly into t...
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Band Edge on 6600M
I am relatively new to Flex.  I received my 6600M in May and love it.  By doing a search, I know this topic has been discussed before on ...
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DAX capability in Smart Link?
How does one implement DAX in Smart Link?  What capability does this provide?  Is this for my remote Maestro?  CW sidetone?  I'm still ve...
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SSDR V2.4.9 - smartlink dax works with FT8
hi allwell i do like to work remotely on occasions and now ssdr v2.4.9 has remote DAX .So i gave it a trysetupHotspot is iphone8 with ios...
  • K3SF ., 1 year ago

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