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My 6300 would not boot after  2.6 update. My  other 6300 and 6600 worked fine. I started a help ticket at 9:50  AM. I got a responce  fro...
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I have a problem with my DEMI 2LDPA and my Maestro B connected to a 6700. This has been going on before upgrading to First le...
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Almost every time I really need Smartlink to work via my SmartSDR IOS app I can never connect. I don't use it that often...mostly weekend...
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So my 6600 came back from fan replacement 3 months ago.  Since then its been on 24/7.  It has been rebooted a couple times without issues...
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RIT tuning speed
How do I change the tuning rate for the RIT function?I see how to do it for the main tuning dial by adjusting the step rate, but its not ...
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zero beat ?
I am a brand new 6600 & SSDR user coming from an elecraft k3 where I routinely used the Auto-SPOT feature that zero beat the cw signal. R...
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