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JT65 vs JT65-X
I’ll be taking some time off over the holidays and I want to devote some of that time to operating JT65 on HF, primarily on 160. I’ve i...
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DAX Persistence
Is it me or is DAX channel something that is not part of persistence? I'm using DAX Channel 2 and every time I load a global profile I'm ...
  • Jon - KF2E, 4 years ago

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Now that a roadmap of sorts has been published for some hardware, viz Maestro; could it be published again for the software, viz SSDR?
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I've done it again
Well I've gone and done it again. Just put my order in for a new 6500 last week when they were on sale. Also have the Maestro on order. H...
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6300 and AM broadcast band
I was trying to listen to the local AM station on 1400 Khz to catch the end of a College football game.  It did not appear that the 6300 ...
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DDUTIL Setup Video?
After a few days with my Flex 6700 I'm starting to feel comfortable with its operation.  I now need to get my PW-1 configured with my Fle...
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