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SSDR for Apple Watch?
I saw someone talking into his wrist and assumed he was on a phone call. When I got closer it was a 20m contact. I grabbed this pic and a...
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Green Heron and 6700
I have a Green Heron connected to my M2 2800 and cant seem to find a way to get the 6700 to talk to it via DDUtil...keep getting CAT erro...
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TNF colours
I don't know if it has been mooted before, but I would like the ability to change the TNF colours. I use them on 60m to demarcate the cha...
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Power meter
Submitted for consideration -- Could the front panel display on the 6500/6700 become home to a Power/SWR meter? As much as I admire my o...
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Who's trading up?
I've had my 6500 for a little over a year and a half and I never really thought about upgrading until today's announcement of the upgrade...
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