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6600M Fan Speed Questions
6600M Fan Speed Questions...1.What is the RPM of the Slow speed fan? What is the RPM of the HiSpeed Fan? 2.What temp does the Hi Speed ...
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What would it sound like if I could grab the bottom of the receiver slice and drag it above the noise floor?
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profiles question?
ok! i have my global profile set on a couple things, my question is, on 20 meters PSK i have the screen set to the way i want including t...
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SmartSDR 2.5.0
New 2.5.0 software. I see Change log and release notes but I do not see the software itself for Smart SDR 2.5.0, Where is the program?
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Hexbeam Antenna Suggestions.
I am looking to try a Hexbeam for the first time and wanted to get some suggestions from other Hexbeam owners on good models to look fo...
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FLEX net
So the only FLEX users net is on Sundays or is there another one???  I'm thinking we need to set another net up if thats the only one.. c...
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6600 praise
After a few months with my new 6600 and Maestro, I have to say this is pretty much the best radio I've ever used. I've just about wrapped...
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news 2.5?
any news about the relaese 2.5 for my flex 6400?I want to be honest, I use my flex3000 a lot more with the great KE9NS software than the ...
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