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6400M upgrade to 2.1.33
Just let the 6400M upgrade to 2.1.33 and all went smoothly.  File was automatically downloaded to radio and installed with no problems.  ...
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Thank You!
I am new to Flexradio and new to the forum. I have enjoyed the wealth of knowledge so many have contributed, thank you, and read every ne...
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6600 Update
                                                                               Dear Valued Customer, Happy New Year! Now that we...
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1.5.1 Observasions So Far
     So far, the Install has gone well without uninstalling 1.5 and no immediate problems have made themselves  obvious. The problem in t...
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Thanks for the updates
I would like to thank FRS for the two recent and useful updates in the 1.4 series. Long may the frequency continue. It was worth the long...
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Happy Day
Received call from Flex, my 6300 will go out today or Monday, depends if the incoming batch arrives in time to turn around today.
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